Distance – n. Dis-ten-ss

1. A thing to be traversed for the sake of adventure.
2. A bane on relationships.
3. Space that, even filled with exceedingly high mountains, very low valleys, and/or ridiculously wide rivers, will not stop Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson, Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, or Diana Ross from getting to you.

Stalkers usually have a distance cap that is directly proportional to your perceived level of fame and inversely proportional to their sanity.

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Science – n. S-eye-en-ss

Born of curiosity, it is the methodical, methodological, reasoned and analytical attempt to understand, define, categorize, and predict, using empirical evidence, what is, what isn’t, what was, and what will be. See also not-religion and/or not-superstition.

Famous quote: “Science. It works, bitches” – xkcd author Randall Munroe

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Love – n. luv

An emotion that, though generated through the same general chemical processes as any other emotion, seems and is exceedingly more important than any other emotion one could possibly hope to experience.

Atheist and realist do not believe in magic. They are often caught making an exception for love.

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Craptastic – adj. crap-tass-tik

Exceedingly full of poop or other such bowl movement variants.

The movie ‘Happy Feet’ was amazingly craptastic. If someone where to literally create a movie using nothing but their own fecal matter, then that movie used its farts as a medium of communication to direct another movie, and that movie had explosive diarrhea, what would be floating in the toilet that day would be significantly less craptastic.

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Ninjeskimo – n. Nin-jesk-uh-mo

A rather puffy looking ninja usually found in the arctic regions of Asia.  They/he/she/unknown is capable of slicing a target and/or enemy in half without spilling their blood as to preserve the purity of the snow they hold in such high regard

Look, a ninjeski… *thud*

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Poopy – adj. Pu-pee

Smelly, dissatisfying, and/or brownish in a grayish greenish sort of way.

Homework and a rotting body share the similar descriptor, poopy. I feel this is not a coincidence.

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Internet – n. in-ter-net

The network that connects 1/6 of the human population and will soon connect us all.

The Internet is a modern marvel that puts to shame anything before it and will soon rival the wheel in its applications to humanities every day existence.

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RIT – n. arr-eye-tea

An institute of higher education that puts emphasis on its students being marketable products for the members of corporate America to purchase and/or make reasonable trade offers for.

RIT is an education factory that forgets some people like knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

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Music – n. meu-zik

An often auditory part of a category of human-only endeavors that makes life infinitely easier to deal with; see also friends and good conversations.

Music keeps me from going on a stabbidy death type tangent after wasting 3 hours on optics homework.

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Switzerland – n. Swit-ser-lind

The most terrifying nation ever

The fact that every person in Switzerland, a completely neutral country, is militarily trained to use and then given an assault riffle at the age of 18, scares the crap out of me.

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