Cockney T-Rex – n. cok-nee t-rex

A ruder, more amusing, and seemingly more down to earth subset of the British T-Rex who don’t own monocles or top hats, but instead are often seen with or employed as a chimney sweeper.

Cockney T-Rex are even worse for kissing. (ref: British T-Rex)

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Longneck Dinosaur – n. lawng-nek dyn-o-so-rrs

A type of dinosaur that is characterized by its exceptionally long neck. These dinosaurs are notoriously sappy when it comes to love and other such cute subjects including caring for small animals and notions of family and friendship.

Awww, Longneck dinosaur, this puppy you gave me is just too cute, and dinner was wonderful tonight!

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British T-Rex – n. brit-esh t-rex

A T-Rex who sips tea, regularly wears a monocle, and has never been seen without a top hat. The only breed of t-rex where its entire set of kill targets found the creature smashingly charming even as it ripped them in half.

As charming as British T-Rex’s are, their diet of raw meat combined with their lack of proper oral hygiene often makes them terrible for kissing. Their razor sharp teeth are another negative factor in this situation – making love nibbles almost impossible.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) – n. tie-ran-ii-sore-us rex

1.    A large bipedal reptile, standing several stories tall, that lived during the Cretaceous period.
2.    The most badass and/or kick ass dinosaur ever. He/she/this punk killed shit like it was its job. No minimum wage crap either, he was killing like he was freaking getting paid six figures to do so, let me tell you what. Shoot, that kid put in so much overtime in his era he was pissing the unions off because he was making them look bad; no lie.

There are no recorded T-Rex sightings in modern history. This is likely due to the fact that they have become such efficient killing machines, rivaling ninjas, and trumping bears, that any spectator to the habits of a T-Rex has also become a welcome guest in its stomach. T-Rex poop is probably a higher percentage human than anyone really wants to admit.

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Dinosaurs – n. die-n-o-so-rrs

The single most awesome set of creatures ever to exist on this planet.

Hey, what’s that over there? DINOSAURS!?! Omg omg omg omg omg!

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