Diamond – n. – die-mund

1. A rock that defies the laws of supply and demand.
2. Among the hardest materials in nature.

What better way to say I-will-oppress-Africans-for-our-faux-eternal-love than with a diamond?

Editor’s note: I want a girl who thinks a cracker jack ring is meaningful so long as it symbolizes something real. Ridiculously romantic presentation pending, of course.

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  1. I would much rather have a secret decoder ring than a diamond ring.

    My mom was actually telling me about how engagement rings are suppose to go a couple weeks ago. Something like, half of a guy’s paycheck for 6 months is suppose to be like, the minimum for price of an engagement ring. WHAT THE HELL. You don’t need a rock to show your love or that you’re taken.

  2. yeah, that bothers me on so many levels… also, doesnt the engagement ring get replaced by the wedding ring?

  3. hear, hear!

  4. I assume you’ve seen the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Your cracker jack ring comment made me think of it. If not, you should…its pretty darn cute.

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