Valentines Day – n. val-en-tiin-ss dey

1. A day that makes people who cannot be happy for people who are happy feel uncharacteristically alone, sometimes sick and always cynical.
2. One more day for anti-Corporate-America hipsters to hiply ignore or pretentiously bash.
3. A simple excuse, based in obfuscated tradition, to be extra cute and nice to someone or everyone you care about.

People forget that macaroni and glue in the shape of a heart is still the best Valentines Day present most anyone would want.

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  1. no. 2 is so true. just cos its hip doesn’t make it wrong, necessarily.

  2. oh for sure. I mean the people who do things on valentines day out of some arbitrary obligation are jsut as bad as people who dont do thing just because its v-day. it jsut a day to do stuff that should feel pretty natural anyway, and a cute excuse to be extra cute in situations it would normally be akward.

  3. […] Valentine Day Valentines Day – n. val-en-tiin-ss dey […]

  4. …and its my birthday, so there’s an extra reason to make the day special. : )

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